Camera crane moves are shots that viewers are becoming more and more used to seeing. Camera Cranes were once only available to big budget productions and viewers have associated this look with high production values. The Jimmy Jib has now made this high production value available to the most cost conscious producer by being one of the most cost effective large camera cranes on the market. Camera movement is more than just a gimmick used in high-end production. It is a powerfully creative tool available to every programme maker.The Jimmy Jib is one such tool. An ingeniously clever invention that allows camera moves in almost every direction.

The ability to give pictures a third dimension, depth and flow is something we love doing. If you are interested in what makes moving cameras so compelling to watch please read this article ( why bother ? )
It’s not just about going up and down and over people's heads, as established operators we know its potential, its uses and its limits. Myself and our other operators are all trained broadcast cameramen as well as experienced Jib operators.
Our aim is to develop good relationships with our clients. We want to help you create the best possible pictures for your production using dynamic and involving camerawork.

The Jimmy Jib Triangle camera crane replaces the older round tube Jib that had a reputation for being a little unstable and dare I say it, wobbly. The triangle section Jib is much more rigid and can handle larger cameras. We can Jib towards a subject up to 60 ft away and jib into a rock steady medium close up.

The Jimmy Jib camera crane is available from us.
It is a modular aluminium crane that offers a range of lengths with a remote control pan and tilt head unit able to take cameras of up to 22 kg in weight.

jimmy jib millenium dome

We operate the crane and the camera with total control of the iris, focus and zoom  ( video cameras only – for film cameras we can supply radio linked controls and motors ) via hand controls located at the short  ( weighted ) end of the Jib.
The jib can also be swung by one person and the camera controlled with joystick or wheel controls by another operator.

The super smooth, pan/tilt head is fast, quiet and has zero backlash. The single post head design allows unlimited access to the camera, making it easy to get to the eyepiece or change film or tape. The pan and tilt head can be mounted over slung or under slung.

The system will support all kinds of cameras from Canon 5D up to the Alexa,  (please contact us for more information) giving complete pan, tilt, focus, zoom and roll control. Some cameras require a remote focus system (Preston or Bartech for example) and/or extension cables for your lens control system and film start stop control from your camera supplier. 

The Stanton system interfaces completely with all broadcast TV lenses made by Cannon, Fujinon and Angenieux.
It is a versatile piece of equipment that is well suited to location or studio work, giving exciting camera movement at a realistic price.


9 Hour Two Axis Package Includes:
Jib Arm sizes, Standard - Giant - Super - Super Plus , 3 Wheel Base & Tripod, Weights, Battery Powered Electronics for Joystick Control of Head. Zoom, Focus, Iris and VTR, Start stop Control for Video Cameras with Fujinon or Canon Lenses and an ac/dc monitor in fact everything you will need for a successful jib shoot.

TWO PERSON OPERATION based on 9 hours and including travel time from base please call us for a quote.

TRANSPORT  mileage is charged at 60p per mile

All above prices exclusive of VAT

Call for a specific and comprehensive quote 07973 226532 or 020 8671 5708 


Some of these items we have to sub hire so the prices below are as a guide only
Extreme 33 ft height (see pic) 
Add  150-00 to the basic jib package
Crank wheel controls for remote head operation. ( see pic
30-00 pd
4 Wheel Tracking Base and Track (see pic) 
120-00 to 250-00 pd
Radio linked lens controls(see pic) 
Dutch Roll Head (see pic) 
Tracking Vehicle (see pic) 
250-00 to 500-00pd
Vinten Steerable Studio Pedastal (see pic) 


CONTACT DETAILS joe*at*  07973 226532 020 8671 5708